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Wooberry Dolls

These are the dolls I made when my kids were little. They were inspired by their drawings and took on a life of their own. I was commissioned to create dolls that were caricatures of people for wedding presents and sometimes as a present for a friend. Le Bonheur Children's Hospital commissioned several dozen large prints with the dolls. Wooberry Dolls led to my first picture book, Poppy's Pants. 

A Whole Slew of Wooberry Characters
A Car Named Juliette
Penelope Has an Idea
Penelope's Favorite Color
The Red Chair
Jonathan & Granddad
Thomas & Daryl Get Married
Darya & Viggo Get Married
Suzanne & Will get Married
Ellen & Mahmoud Get Married
Garvey & His Sister
Dr. Dennis & Penelope
Zaza the Cat
Lila the Fairy
Linda & Linda
Diane & Dee Dee
At LeBonheur
Isaiah & Jonathan
A Night with Poppy
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