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Daily Drawings


I draw daily to brush aside the cobwebs of preconception. I began with trees. The physical nature of trees is intriguing. It seemed to me that in the forest, trees were engaged in a form of silent conversation. Their branches carved out enlivened spaces between them. 

As my drawings evolved, I began drawing from memory in my studio. The observations I made on site wove their way into my drawings along with something else. There was an inner landscape that came forth. I began to express intangible things. I turned 50 years old this year and found myself processing experiences I had not found a way to describe in words. Attachments, losses and loves that had laid dormant and unexamined. My drawings became more and more abstract. They would begin with a notion of color and approach and evolve through the process, becoming something different from what I initially intended. Something I trusted to be more authentic.

In honor of the re-issue of my picture book POPPY'S PANTS here is a selection of illustrations with my Wooberry dolls as characters. Some of these prints can be found at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis. 

Speaking of Forests & Trees, "Forever Forest 2" and "Forever Forest 5" are wallpaper designs I created that are permanently installed at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Arch Street between 13th and Broad in Philadelphia.

Forests & Trees may be my favorite subject to draw. My sketchbooks are filled with drawings of them, mostly in pen and ink.

I am a professor of Knit Design at Jefferson University. Here are some of my machine knit fabrics:

Here are pages from THE LOWCOUNTRY COLORING BOOK published by Algonquin Books. The pages in this coloring book are seamless giving them the potential to be repeating patterns. You could wallpaper a whole wall with them. 

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